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Oliver Winery Engagement Session // Alyssa + Brad

He noticed her from the moment he stepped through the door. She was his cousin’s roommate and her forward but witty demeanor swept him off his feet almost immediately. Brad claims that he had an inkling that Alyssa could be the one from the start. 

But she wasn’t ready for a relationship. Oh no. Especially not with a man who had such close connections with her roommate and friend. She ignored all the signs and the connections. She made excuses – it wasn’t the right time, she couldn’t date her friend’s cousin, she wasn’t ready for a relationship. But finally, after years of crossing paths and after Brad asked several, several times, Alyssa agreed to a date. 

From then on, their worlds revolved around each other even when they were worlds apart. They strived to make a long distance relationship work to support each others passion of teaching – even if that passion led them to different countries. We celebrated their engagement in the same spot where Brad had asked Alyssa to spend a lifetime with him. And in less than a year, they’ll be promising each other that lifetime together. Alyssa and Brad, exploring Oliver was so fun with you two and thanks for being total troopers with the heat! Counting down the days until we celebrate again – xx, M. 

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