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Olivia + Tyler // France Park Waterfall Engagement Session // Indiana Wedding Photographer

He was the guy who was always able to pick the person in the crowd who needed just a little more lifting up. That person who needed a smile put on their face or a friend. And on that sticky, crowded school-bus in 6th grade on the way to a wrestling match, that person was Olivia. Just when she had figured she’d spend the whole trip sitting alone, the brown-eyed, dimpled boy squeezed in next to her and instantly struck up a conversation that didn’t cease until the end of the trip. From then on, all the way through high school, they were friends. Just friends, nothing more. She was a tomboy that always sat at the guys lunch table and he was the guy who had girlfriends who were constantly jealous of the relationship him and Olivia shared.

Seven years of friendship passed until the graduation caps were tossed and they set off to separate colleges, separate states, and separate lives. That was until both their lives altered in such a way that both Olivia and Tyler found themselves back in their hometown, starting back at square one. As Olivia saw the now super-cute, tall, and good-hearted man run by her parents window one morning, she knew in her heart that she needed a friend in the time where her whole life had been turned upside down. She knew with his heart of gold that he would accept her with open arms, and when they met for lunch a few days later, that’s exactly what happened.

But this time, something was different. As the paths of their lives crossed back into each other, it wasn’t just a friendship. Olivia knew quickly that Tyler was exactly what she needed in her life- for the rest of her life. A ring was purchased, a proposal made, and Tyler and Olivia started planning a lifetime of inappropriate movie quotes and long hikes. They’ll be married next summer at the Sycamore at Mallow Run in Indianapolis, surrounded by friends who will cheer “I told you so” as they finally tie the knot after decades in the making.

Olivia and Tyler, you two have my entire heart. I don’t even have words as to how much I loved our session, the two of you, and the vegan cupcakes on the way home. You two are the brightest and most beautiful souls and I’m SO READY to document your wedding next year + party it up on the dance floor with you. All the love, xx- M


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