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Summer Midwest Engagement Session // Deanna + Cruz

They showed up to the session with IPA’s for all of us, ready to dive into a super muddy flower field and do whatever it took to get some killer photos. Madi, my associate, actually shot this session but I tagged along because Deanna and Cruz are just way to much freaking fun to miss out on. Literally no regrets.

If there were ever two people that were polar opposites but 100% needed to be together, it’d be these two. Deanna is bright, bubbly, and super outgoing and Cruz is a bit more introverted, “you need to be in my circle” sort of guy (and he has my full support). But damn he loves her, and spent the entire engagement session doing everything he possible could to make Deanna (and us) burst out laughing. He suffered through sweat, sun, sand, wet pants, and only had the minor payback of splashing a boatload of water directly into Deanna’s eyes.

Guys, I literally can’t thank you ENOUGH for being total troopers and making me laugh way more than I ever have in an engagement session. You two are the literal best and I can’t wait to party at your wedding while Madi does all the hard work 😉 xx, M & M

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