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Summer wedding at Union 12 // Claire + Jack // Fort Wayne Photographer

It was supposed to be casual, friendly, nothing overly committed. They were in high school, young- just started dating. But it’s not often that someone makes the perfect choice on the first try, but Claire and Jack did. And soon, everyone around them saw that even though they were teenagers, this was it. Everyone saw it. Because Jack brings the deepest dimples out on Claire’s cheeks and Claire keeps Jack grounded and focused. They live to serve each other and to serve people that have worked so hard to build them up.

After years of college, shaping career choices, and planning their life so each other fit perfectly into the plan, it was time. Time for a ring and happy tears and their families surrounding them on the biggest day yet. On the perfect summer day at the beginning of August, Claire walked up to Jack under the porch of Union 12 and started the rest of their lives together.

It’s weird to think the little toddler that I met when I was seven is now married; the one who practically lived at my house and was inseparable with my family and my sisters; the one who let me tease and annoy her like another sibling. But damn. I couldn’t be happier. Jack, thank you for making this girl so dang happy. Because she deserves it. And Claire, you gorgeous stunning bride – you know words of affirmation are weird for me but I freaking love you. And that’s all I can say. Life is wild and the seven year old me would have never thought I’d be preserving your wedding day in the way I did – it was the greatest honor and privilege. All the love – M&M

DRESS: One Fine Day
VENUE: Union 12
MAKEUP: Blush Bridal
FLORALS: Kroger on Dupont
DJ: Bob Morton
CATERING: Grant’s Catering
TUXES: Louie’s Tux
MUSICIANS: Zachary Teeter

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