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Pictures surrounded the homes and reception of their prom night, travels, family holidays, their cats, adventures, the proposal, and their engagement. While this was the day that they would promise to spend the rest of their lives by each others side, it was clear to every wedding guest that Shelby and Stephen had already built the most magical life together. 

Everywhere you turned on the wedding day, family and friends were reminiscing and recounting stories about Stephen’s humor or Shelby’s laid-back and slightly serious personality. Everyone said the same thing – Shelby and Stephen were complete opposites but in the best way. They balance each other out and keep each other grounded. Even on a day that is normally associated with chaos and stress, they took the time to pull each other back into the moment and enjoy their first day as husband and wife to the fullest. 

Shelby and Stephen, your day was so full of joy, love, and gorgeous fall color and I am so honored to have had the privilege of documenting your first day as husband and wife. You both have the deepest hearts and kindest souls and I cannot wait to see where life takes you! xx, M

October 24, 2017

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When she walks into a room, it immediately brightens and smiles break out on the friends and families faces that surround her. Even in the most stressful, chaotic moments in life, Kristin pours her heart and soul into caring and protecting the ones she loves most. It was only fitting that she cross paths with Gabe, the guy who always had his teammates back and who is always up for a laugh, a group of friends, and an adventure. Even in the beginning stages of their relationship as juniors in high school, their family could see- this was different. Although they were just teenagers at the time, they supported and cheered each other on in the ways of life just like two old, mature souls would.  

On the perfect, sunny autumn day, happy tears welled up in the eyes of Gabe, Kristen, and all of their witnesses as Gabe turned around to see the woman that held his heart walk down the aisle. From reading love letters in the vineyard just moments before their ceremony, to sneaking outside for a quiet moment under the market lights during the middle of the reception, Kristin and Gabe strived to cherish every moment throughout the day. As the last song of the evening played, they danced alone in the empty reception room as husband and wife. Finally. 

Kristin and Gabe, spending the day with you was a complete fairytale – we felt so welcomed by your family and friends and it was such a privilege to document your day. Wishing you eternal years of happiness and lots of relaxing margaritas in Mexico – xx, M + A

October 16, 2017

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If you ask Andrew how they met, his face lights up and he tells the most animated story. Just a few years ago a pretty brunette walked into his dealership looking for a car. Something between them sparked immediately, and try as he might to keep it professional, they ended up on a dinner date when Taylor arrived back at the dealership with a car issue. The dinner dates continued, and before Taylor knew it, she witnessed the man of her dreams lead her out of a carriage ride to get down on one knee with a puppy and a diamond. 

As they sat in rooms across the hall from one another, waiting for the ceremony to start, Taylor drank champagne and begged to get into her dress while Andrew prepped his tux and laughed with his guys. But while they were surrounded by people who loved them and were there to fully support them on their wedding day, Taylor and Andrew were only focused on one thing – seeing each other at the end of the aisle. 

The sun shined over the downtown Fort Wayne as Taylor and Andrew promised to be each other’s partners for life. Tears fell as they embraced, finally husband and wife. Finally together. They had spent their entire lives searching for that person that they could share the moment of Forever with, and they were finally sharing it with the one who held their heart. 

Taylor and Andrew, documenting your love was the most incredible honor. I can’t wait to watch your lives unfold as you support each other , love each other, and adventure with each other. Have fun sipping margs on the beach in Mexico, you two deserve it – xx, M&M

June 25, 2017

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It was the day that they had waited for for years. The day that Kalie didn’t even imagine happening when she first whispered to her friend that the boy was cute and hoped that her friend would keep the secret. The day that Kalie didn’t see coming, even when her friend spilled the beans to the cute boy and they started talking. But as conversations grew into dates and dates grew into a serious relationship, that “day” became more real in the back of Kalie’s mind. 

Years passed and just as her family and best friends witnessed the gorgeous beach proposal a year earlier, they stood and witnessed Kalie walk down the aisle with a look of pure joy as she met Lance at the altar.  After almost five years of being by each others side, they celebrated their everlasting promise by celebrating with the best friends and family the world could provide. 

Kalie + Lance, celebrating with you on your greatest day was such an honor and beyond fun. Your family and friends welcomed us like long-time friends and we could not be more grateful. You two are the brightest souls. Thank you so much and have fun at Hogwarts this week! You could not have picked a more magical soulmate or honeymoon. xx- M+M

June 18, 2017

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