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Elegant and Timeless Wedding at Baker Street Train Station // Kali + Jon

She was in need of a creative outlet to reconnect her to to human nature in the midst of the rigorous and dry courses that were the norm as a biology major. After signing up for a British Literature course to fulfill her creative needs, she couldn’t help but notice the broad shouldered English major who donned glasses and a thirst for literature and learning. Both Kali and Jon immediately took interest in each other, but neither wanted to seem over exuberant. Jon spent the course citing of witty and intelligent comments hoping that Kali would turn around and notice him, while Kali spent the time hoping that her interest wouldn’t be too apparent when they were paired up for group work.

Finally, after months of quiet interest, a mutual friend decided to come to their aid and give them a final push towards a first date. Under the lights of the coffee shop on campus, they spent hours and hours talking about their passions and dreams. When the clock struck midnight and the coffee shop locked the doors, both Kali and Jon knew – this was going to be different. They spent the next five years supporting each other’s educations, travels, and careers. From days spent having intellectual conversations over tea, wrapped up in blankets to mask the chill of winter, to months spent apart as they juggled long-distance, Kali and Jon supported each other through it all.

On a chilly fall day they reunited with family in Kali’s hometown to become husband and wife. In true Kali and Jon fashion, they strived to have every moment of their wedding day touched by the ones they loved. From Jon’s great-grandmother’s wedding ring that sat on Kali’s finger, now her own, to family heirloom jewelry that donned both Jon and Kali, to small decor details designed by their closest friends, loved ones were ingrained in every portion of their story.

Kali and Jon, being a part of your day and witnessing how incredible of an impact you have made on each other’s lives and the story you hold in your hearts was the greatest privilege and honor. I can’t wait to see where your life together takes you and I wish you all the best, xx- M

DRESS: Vera’s House of Bridals, Pronovias
BRIDESMAID DRESS: Vera’s House of Bridals
HAIR: Lauren Glasper, Adler J
MAKEUP: Debbie Wehrli with MaryKay
FLORIST: BeMarried Events
CATERING: Goeglein’s Catering
TUXES: Bar III from Macy’s
STATIONERY: Teacup Design 

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