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It was the kind of day that called for a good classic novel and a cozy blanket. As rain drizzled down the windows, most brides would be beside themselves with worry. But not Rachel. As she watched the cool spring rain hit the pavement, she could only think of Kenny. The 7th grade classmate that turned from a boy she passed in the hallway, to friend, to her soulmate. 

And as Kenny stood just a few hundred yards away, he could hardly believe that the girl who stole his heart in the hallways all those years ago was standing before him, soon to be his wife. As the thunder rolled in, Rachel and Kenny stood before their family and friends who had been trying to get them together since high-school and promised to support and cherish each other for the rest of time. 

Kenny and Rachel, documenting your day was such an incredible blessing and privilege. I adored watching how deep your love was for one another, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you. Thank you for being troopers through the rain and the mud! xx – M

May 30, 2017

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She grew up playing amongst the trees and fields of the Seminary where her parents worked. She spent her days running around with the other kids in the fields and trees of the property,  creating stories in her mind and letting her imagination and spirit run wild. Then she met him. A creative soul with her same bubbly personality, they set out on an adventure together. They were two creative souls that were best friends. But Jean-Luc knew that there needed to be something more. He spent hours on end to create the perfect slideshow to ask her out on their first date…and how could Joanna say no to the boy that held her heart? 

Fast forward through the years to one afternoon where Jean-Luc was anxiously rushing Joanna out the door to take a walk by the lake. As he grabbed the video camera from the end table, she knew in her gut that something was going on. As they walked through the trees of Concordia Lutheran Seminary, she read little notes posted on the trees that told their entire love story. Waiting at the end of the walk was a final note, a boy, a question,  a ring, and the promise of forever. 

They’ll be married at Concordia Lutheran Seminary next month, surrounded by loved ones and the Lord. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to explore and take pictures of the love story that unfolded in the very same place. Counting down the days Joanna & Jean – xoxo, M

May 21, 2016

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“Their photos are timeless,
not trendy, and they really capture the essence of the day" 

Maggie & Nick 

Spring is in the air, and wedding season has begun. I’ve always been a fan of the traditional white or ivory gown, but lately the color wedding dress trend has grown on me. I thought going blush for the bridal gown was a little adventurous and wild until I saw this smoky blue gown. It’s […]

May 6, 2015

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