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Whimsical Boho Downtown Fort Wayne Wedding // Madi + Ben

He’s the type of guy who always has a joke or clever comment at hand. The type of man who rarely shows emotion, but always has a friendly smile. But when he read the letter that his bride-to-be had thoughtfully scrawled on a piece of notebook paper, even Ben had a few tears in his eyes. The pretty girl with the big brown eyes that twinkled when she looked at him was the only one who could shape Ben into the great man he was destined to be.

Madi and Ben have a connection like none other. Sometimes, in the rarest of relationships, the energy and magnetism between two people emanate throughout the room and the people surrounding them. Their souls are in orbit, moving with one another constantly with an unbreakable bond. A laugh has already escaped Madi’s mouth the moment before Ben finishes his joke. When her hands are turned up, his fingers turn down to meet her palms. He brushes the hair out of her face before she can even think about making the gesture. Shes already on her tip toes to kiss him before he’s even bent down to meet her lips.

They were married on a warm fall day, just as the leaves were turning. As they walked with their bridal party through Sweeney Park in Fort Wayne, Madi clutched Ben’s arms and kept singing, “We’re married, we’re going to the Bahamas!” over and over again. No two people have ever been more in love or happier to be together. Madi and Ben, your love warms my heart so much and I’ve loved watching your relationship grow and become absolutely magical. I’ll be thinking of you all week as you sip mimosas in the Bahamans – xx, M

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