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Winona Lake Engagement Session // Keisha + Caleb

They always had a habit of running into each other, whether it was in passing at the same church gathering or on the same missions team. They were friendly, but nothing more. But the Universe and God had a way of throwing them together when they were least expecting it…even when Keisha had moved a thousand miles away to work at an organization in North Carolina- there he was.

It was on a trip to Rome that Keisha started noticing something more than just a friend in Caleb. They started talking, laughing, and goofing off together. A best friendship and a relationship were formed, and they spent their first date under the architecture, lights, and romance of Italy. The adventure of their relationship didn’t stop there- just a little while later, there Keisha was, underneath a waterfall staring at the man she adored, who was down on one knee asking her to be his wife. 

They’ll be married this August in Winona Lake, the same place we decided to take their engagement pictures. They spent the entire session laughing, wrestling, and constantly wanting to be in each others arms. Keisha and Caleb, thank you x 1million for making the drive up from NC, and I’ll see you in August! Lots of Love- Morgan

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