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California Adventuring | Vacation, Engagement Photos and a Really Bad Sunburn

Sometimes, you just gotta get away. Two weeks ago, the stars aligned with work schedules and wedding life and flights to California to visit my vacationing family became available to Brandon and I for a pretty decent deal. We only live once right? How could we say no? So last week we packed our bags and headed to California for a few days to pack in some days of hiking, beaches, In-and-Out Burgers, and an engagement session. Because when you’re on the beaches of California, 55 days away from your own wedding and your second-shooter (who is also my sister) is readily available- you can’t pass it up right? 

You get a glimpse of our explorations, including Sequoia National Park, waterfalls, and the beach. Jamaica, my second shooter, did an UHMAZING job with taking some photos. Just a disclaimer- I ended up getting crazy bad sun poisoning and was lobster red during this session. Photoshop is an angel, people.  

This trip was so refreshing, so exhausting, and supercharged me for the seven weddings that are headed my way before I get to marry the love of my life, and deal with my own crazy self on my wedding day! I’m so thankful to have a job that lets me travel, explore, and take pictures in beautiful places. 

That being said, take a mini-vacation and browse through our photos. Admire our cuteness (I’m a little vain, I know. Can’t help it). And if you want to travel across the country to take your own engagement photos? Let’s book some flights. I’m your girl. 


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