Botanical Garden and Bergstaff Place Wedding | Amanda + Jon | Blog

Botanical Garden and Bergstaff Place Wedding | Amanda + Jon

The Saturday of Amanda and Jon’s wedding was one for the storybooks. The biggest storm of 2015 had swept through early that morning, leaving Fort Wayne turned upside down.  Trees were on houses, cars, and in the middle of roads. The power was out. Lakeside park, the original place of Amanda and Jon’s ceremony, was flooded. 

Then there was Amanda. Her smile and laugh burned too bright for the gloomy morning, and she lit the world around her on fire. When she laughed, everyone else laughed with her. Completely unconsumed with herself, she helped her bridesmaids cut the dress straps, fixed their hair, and brought them snacks. Everyone else’s needs went before her own. Through all of the location and time changes, throughout all of the chaos, her attitude stayed calm and her soul steady. She knew that at the end of it all, the love of her life would be waiting for her at the end of the aisle with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. 

Amanda and Jon, I hope you’re bags are packed for Mexico as you’re reading this. You two, more than anyone else, deserve the sunshine that’s waiting for you. You’re love story is one for the books, and I could not have been more honored or blessed to be chosen to document your amazing day. Continue to light up Fort Wayne with your love, and may the rest of your lives be as magical as your wedding day. -M


Venue: Bergstaff Place
Caterer: Ceruti’s Catering
DJ: Dr. Feelgood’s
Flowers: Debbie Hall
Cake: Sara Wriston


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