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A Modern Garden Wedding | Emily + Markus

She mentally rolled her eyes at the boy standing across the room again. His particular personality came across as a bit high-maintence, and his words came across as a bit rude. As their paths kept colliding, she started to realize that the ache in her heart wasn’t the dislike for him, but rather God telling her that he was the one that would lead her closer to Christ. She soon discovered that the boy wasn’t high-maintence or rude at all, but instead he was honest, a little blunt, and knew exactly what he wanted. And what he wanted was her. 

Their friendship grew into a God-honoring relationship, and they walked hand-in-hand through their years at Purdue University together. They shared the ups and downs of young love and the long-distance after Markus graduated. And with Markus being Markus, he had to create something absolutely perfect for Emily when he decided to ask her to share her life with him. So along with a perfect ring with a flawless diamond, he also constructed a geometrically accurate wooden, carved diamond from his own two hands, promising a life full of surprises, adventure, and the attainable perfection of life. 

Markus and Emily, God had truly blessed you with a beautiful life, and I am so grateful that you allowed me to document it. I hope you find adventure, mountain streams and gorgeous hikes in Colorado on you’re honeymoon. Enjoy the mountain air for me. Lots of love – M

Caterer: Ceruti’s Catering
Venue: The Summit
Frozen Yogurt: YoYo’s

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