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Salomon Farms Wedding | Adam + Anna

“She’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet,” said Adam as we walked through the fields of Salomon Farms. I had just commented on how calm, encouraging, and friendly Anna had been that morning in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. As she walked around the room, she only had words of encouragement and compliments to offer to everyone. Joy emanated from her body, causing her big brown eyes to glow even brighter on her wedding day. All eyes were on the joyful, sweet and gorgeous bride, but she only had her eyes on Adam. 

Tears broke for both of them and all the witnesses as Anna walked down the aisle towards Adam. After being together for years with hundreds of miles between them, after the hundreds of love letters and notes, the one note that was in the hands of the flower girl that she brought up to the alter ended it all; “Dear Adam, I will NEVER leave you, EVER. I am yours. Love, Anna.” 

Anna and Adam, you two have the sweetest and most supportive love. Being a part of your day was such a huge blessing. God is doing wonderful things with your life together, and I know HE will bless the rest of your years together so that they will be even more magical and perfect than your wedding day. Lots of love- M. 


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