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The Freemason’s Hall Wedding | Shelby + Joe

Best friends have inside jokes, sleepovers, favorite restaurants, and similar hobbies. But sometimes, when the star’s align, a best friend is something more than someone you hang out with. And sometimes, that best friend can end up being your soulmate. 

Shelby and Joe have a friendship and relationship that put all others to shame. They have a secret handshake, a spunky dog that they love to take on walks, a passion for the eateries around Fort Wayne, and a passionate love for each other. A conversation between them an intuition of what the other one is about to say and enough inside jokes and history to make an outsider feel like they have their own unique language, which in a way, they do. 

The day of the wedding, Shelby’s butterflies were uncontrollable. With tears in her eyes, she stared in the mirror as she admired herself in her gorgeous champagne gown. Even though she was ready almost 45 minutes early, she just couldn’t help herself. She was so excited to go see her best friend, who was dressed to the nine’s and waiting at the end of the garden for her. As Joe turned around when he felt the tap on his shoulder, his face was indescribable as he saw the gorgeous woman in front of him, ready to marry him. 

Shelby and Joe, watching your friendship blossom and grow into your crazy, passionate love is the biggest blessing. I hope your life is filled with long walks with Cooper, lots of laughs, and wonderful memories of your wedding day and your awesome Jamaican honeymoon. Lots of love- M


Venue: Freemason’s Hall
Caterer: Wedding Dreams by Linda
Bar Service: Licensed Bar Service
Officiant/Coordinator: Marry Me in Fort Wayne
Cake: Cakes by Miranda
Flowers: Wedding Dreams by Linda


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