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Backyard Tent Wedding | Johanna + Kipp

They were just two college kids. She was from Germany, he was a Hoosier. They were friends. College ended, they stayed in touch. And even though there was an ocean and a few languages between them, they decided to make a relationship out of the friendship. Their families watched in awe as their love grew from thousands of miles away. 

Those same families traveled those same thousand miles that Kipp and Johanna did in their years of dating, for the wedding of the Johanna and Kipp on a sunny August afternoon. Those who could not make it were Skyped in, and sent hundreds of pictures. And even though half of the guests spoke German, while the other English, the only thing that you could hear the entire evening was laughter. The only thing you could feel was love, which is what brought the two families that were oceans apart, together in the first place.

Johanna and Kipp, you’re wedding was indescribably beautiful and oh-so-fun. I would have chose no one else to end the crazy wedding season with, and I hope you two have a marvelous and adventurous life. Enjoy New York for me, good luck with grad school, and congratulations once again 🙂 Lots of love- M

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