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Deep Breaths | 1 Week to Go

Well here I am. In the same shoes that all of my lovely brides have been the week before their wedding day. Stressed, excited, overwhelmed…and basically just a giant wound up ball of emotions. There’s moment’s where I want to cry for joy, and moments I want to cry from despair. 

I’m so thankful for this experience for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, because I get to marry the love of my life and my fourth grade crush in just a few days. I get to party, dance, laugh, and fly off to Mexico with tequila in hand.  But I’m also thankful because I now know what all of my past and future brides are going through. Now I can relate on a much more personal level… as a friend and a vendor…and offer them the most reliable and comforting experience so they can enjoy the weeks leading up to the wedding as worry-free as possible. 

Maybe in the future I’ll send my brides a bottle of wine, some stress-relief tea (check out Yogi…YUM), or a sweet note wishing them well. Goodness knows they need it. But for right now, all I can supply is a few scribbles of advice on how to prevent anxiety attacks, meltdowns, and the strong urge to kill you’re fiancé occasionally (love you babe xo). 

Read your vows – We wrote our own, and every time I start to get stressed, I pull them out to do a quick read. It really brings you back down to Earth and makes you focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Listen to the playlist – Sometimes I play the songs that will be sung at the ceremony and sometimes it’s the party playlist. It really gets you in a sentimental and calm mood, or in a party mood. Either way, the anticipation of the day starts to override the chaos, which is always good

*Wineries- I’m a huge fan of wine in general. But sitting down at a winery and tackling wedding details with your fiancé allows the mundane and stressful work to be a little bit more exciting and relaxing. Seriously, we went to the winery last weekend, sat outside, drank a bottle, and did our seating chart and it was SO fun and relaxing. 

Take some days off- It might not seem like you have the time, but a day by the pool or watching Netflix can recharge your batteries enough that you’re more energized and productive the next day with accomplishing wedding stuff. 

Treat yo’self (Parks and Rec, anyone?)- Buy yourself a new outfit for the honeymoon, a new candle for your house, etc. Even if it’s small and cheap, like a smoothie or a medium french fry, do something that makes you feel good and take your mind off the craziness.


I’ll talk to you all in a few weeks. Wish me luck 🙂 




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