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2019 Best of Moments, Love & Adventure // Indigo Lace Collective

HOLY. COW. What a year. In the three days it took me to comb through the countless weddings and sessions this year I was floored at what this year brought – tons of opportunities we didn’t see coming, travel, seriously incredible couples, and a team that had ILC’s back through it all.

Highlights of this year include: 40 weddings & elopements, traveling to Ireland with One Fine Day to document their exclusive line, officially adding video & two associates to the team, and buying our cute little Luna Photo Booth. Not so fun highlights? My first broken camera + concussion, getting stranded in the middle of the Chicago river with my couple (freakin’ troopers), and three crashed hard drives. But hey, don’t sweat the small stuff right?

As a photographer, this year has been a huge year of growth, not in the skill-set per-say, but in the way we collectively at ILC show up for our couples. We walked into every wedding day knowing that never again would the same people, the same couple, the same emotions, be in the same room on the same day ever again – and that’s a privilege to document. We showed up fighting for our couples, ensuring they had the most perfect day despite bad weather, ripped pants, and a whole slew of other hiccups that could, and did, occur. We showed up fighting so that they felt safe, protected, and cared for. We showed up so that they had a gallery of moments and traditions to relive over and over again.

This Best of 2019 is a bit different than my last. Because it’s not my favorites that matter. It’s our couples- the ones they hang on their wall, the ones that are on the lock screen of their phone. The ones that truly tell the story of their day and make their grandma cry. This year’s Best Of is chosen by our couples – it’s why you’ll see sweet grandma moments and the passing of a family bible instead of just cool portrait shots on top of a mountain.

So here it is – chosen by our couples. It’s freakin’ long, so if you make it all the way through. Thank you. 2020, we’re coming for you.


Morgan, Madi, Natalie & Katty

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