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Lough Eske Castle Wedding Dress Lookbook // One Fine Day // Ireland Wedding Photographer

Lough Eske Castle was seriously one of the most magical places on the Ireland tour with One Fine Day. We actually SLEPT here in the cutest little rooms looking over the castle gardens. Magical I tell you.

I remember shooting this and feeling like we had gone completely back in time – the stunning Irish hydrangeas, the glow of the restaurant lights from the windows, the absolute insane sunset – it was like we were in a real life movie. I tried my absolute best to give every one of these locations and dresses their own story, vibe, and aura about them. I wanted this one to be slightly larger than life with a soft romanticism that leaked through the background. With Lough Eske as our stage, it wasn’t hard.

The Sara Gabriel cape that graced this dress was absolute perfection – the cowl neck added a bit of classic elegance and complimented the grandeur of the castle impeccably. Can we talk about capes for a second? If you’re skeptical or think that it’s not for you, just please try one on first. Not only do you not have to suffer the whiplash consequences of a heavy veil pinned into your perfect hair, but it can draw flattering attention to your neckline, shoulders, and upper body in a way that a veil can’t. It literally envelopes you and your dress and is so magnificent, bold, and just plan extra (but still understated at the same time). The perfect happy medium.

This dress, Essex, is part of One Fine Day’s exclusive Lily Rose Collection. If you want something that is specially curated, completely unique and one of a kind, this is it! It’s something you won’t find on social media or Pinterest!

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