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3 Things You Should Do After You Get Engaged

YOU HAVE A RING ON IT. So freaking exciting. But now what? Dive into Pinterest? Book a venue? Text all your friends asap?

Hold up.

I’m not saying take it slow. Sometimes you want to dive right in because this is going to be SO fun! Sometimes you want to savor the moment. So this is how you do both:

First off: Have a date night
You’re ENGAGED. Celebrate! Go to your favorite restaurant or do your favorite thing together. Splurge a bit. Split a bottle of wine. This is supposed to be fun and you and your fiance have a lot of things to discuss! Go somewhere where you can sit down for a long discussion on priorities, budget, and your overall vision.

Next up: Find your vision
Do you want an intimate setting or a giant party? Evening wedding or morning brunch? Do you want to escape on the wedding day with your new spouse for some quiet moments or do you want to party it up with your friends on a trolley? Talk it over with your future spouse and ask your close friends what they loved and what they regretted about their own wedding days!

Lastly: Research
It’s ok to take a breather and spend a few weeks on Pinterest and Instagram! This is all new and it needs time to settle in your brain. Let it sink in, find a bit of a vision and clearer path and then start planning!

There you have it! Just a reminder – enjoy all of this. Savor the bits and pieces of planning that you’ll never get to do again! Like trying on dresses or sitting eating TONS of free wedding cake samples. Buy all the magazines, drink all the complimentary champagne, and treat yo’self! 

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