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A Burmese-American Winter Wonderland Wedding // Thuzar + David

They had waited a whole year for this. A whole year until they could finally celebrate their marriage together, be in each others arms, and laugh the night away. A quite little wedding ceremony took place between David and Thuzar a little over a year ago before he was deployed. Across the world, Thuzar stood by his side and counted the days until the phone calls and Skype dates ended and she was in the arms of her best friend once again. 

Thuzar was dressed in a handmade, traditonal Burmese wedding gown, dressed in the finest gold jewelry, and was doted on by her bridesmaids and family more than any other bride I have ever seen. As David turned around and looked at his best friend, his biggest cheerleader, and his beautiful bride standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him. 

The two souls seamlessly blended their love, their life, the distance, and the two cultures merging into one on the cloudy, blustery day in December. Friends and family surrounded them as they dressed in traditional Burmese wedding clothes and conducted the Burmese ceremony, full of traditions that many had never seen before. Blessings from the parents and the family showered down upon them, and after the ceremony they proceeded to change into traditional American wedding clothes, and entered a winter wonderland reception. Thuzar and David- you two share the most magical, beautiful life and we feel so luck to be a part of it. Thank you to the ends of the earth for allowing us to be a part of your incredible day xoxo, M+J

Event Styling and Coordinating, Flowers: Wedding Bliss Planning, Lyla Lewis
Hair and Makeup: I Do onsite hair and makeup
Caterer: Mad Anthony’s Catering
Cake: Layers by Tashara Beaty
Venue: IPFW International Ballroom
DJ: Dynamic Sound
Dress #2: Davids Bridal


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