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Bright and Festive Mexican and Ethiopian Two-Day Wedding // Samson + Yecenia

Samson is the type of guy who carefully calculates every move, every decision, and everything he says. Friends joked that marrying Yecenia was something that Samson had to cautiously mull over for nearly a decade, and finally, they planned a wedding. But deep down, ever since Yecenia and Samson kept bumping into each other at spots around town, Samson knew that Yecenia was going to shine bright into his future for decades to come. There was no decision to be made when it came to Yecenia being his soulmate. 

 Yecenia’s maid of honor described their wedding day as a meeting for United Nations, and it couldn’t be more true. With Yecenia’s family originally from Mexico and Samson’s being from Ethiopia, they wanted their wedding day to blend the cultures, heritages, and traditions that the two of them grew up with. They incorporated a traditional Mexican Catholic ceremony and interlaced traditional Mexican and Ethiopian traditions into the reception at the Embassy on the warm summer evening. Mexican song and dance echoed through the Embassy Lobby as wedding guests donned masks and glow sticks for La Hora de Loca.

But the party wasn’t even close to ending. Friends and family gathered together the next day to continue the celebration of Yecenia and Samson and share traditional Ethiopian food, dress, and song. While most couple’s would be caught up in the chaos of a two-day celebration, Yecenia and Samson kept grounded in each other. Even during the most chaotic moments, they talked and laughed and looked after each other. Yecenia and Samson, words cannot describe what an incredible experience and privilege witnessing your love and wedding day was. I am forever grateful and can’t wait to see how your trip to Morocco and Spain turns out! You have the brightest souls and the most adventurous hearts and we wish you all the best – M & M

DRESS #1: Touma’s Bridal
St. Joseph Hessen Cassel Catholic Church
Embassy Theatre
Cazadores Event Center

CATERING: Bravas Tacos
MAKEUP: Annette Navarro Makeup & Hair Artistry
HAIR: The Red Stiletto

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