Romantic Storybook Wedding at IPFW International Ballroom // Melissa + Andrew | Blog

Romantic Storybook Wedding at IPFW International Ballroom // Melissa + Andrew

It was a bright and warm morning as the sun shined through the windows of the cozy hotel room. Girls were buzzing around as broadway music echoed through the halls. Melissa sat calmly on the bed, holding her glass of champagne as she laughed and joked with her closest girlfriends. Nothing could break Melissa‚Äôs smiling face that day. She had always dreamed of this day as she sat curled up lost in the stories of the classic literature and novels that encompassed her childhood and free time. In just a few hours she would walk down the aisle to the man who held her heart and would share every laugh, adventure, and moment with her for decades to come. 

They planned their wedding around what they loved most – books and each other. From the dress to the twinkling lights, their wedding day was a real live fairytale. Melissa and Andrew strived to make it not only about them, but about their families as well. The cake topper was from Melissa’s grandparents wedding over 50 years ago, her jewelry was compiled of family heirlooms, and pictures and memories lined the reception hall of people they dearly loved. 

Melissa and Andrew, documenting your day was completely magical in every way. I hope you’re enjoying Myrtle Beach and relaxing from all the wedding craziness! Sip a margarita for me – xx, M & M

DRESS: Touma’s Bridal
VENUE: Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church & IPFW International Ballroom
CATERING: Grant’s Catering
TUXES: Men’s Warehouse
FLORIST: Be Married

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