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Chicago Autumn Engagement Session // Kristin + Brandon

They called it an instant connection. From the moment they first met at work, something between them was magnetic – a palpable energy. The story of how they first flamed the spark is different depending on who you ask. Kristin claims that Brandon knew that nobody would show up to the work event that he had invited her too, and Brandon claims it was a happy accident. Nevertheless, whether it was intentional or fate, they found themselves captivated in an endless conversation and banter underneath the restaurant lights one evening. Since that night seven years earlier, their conversation has never really ceased. 

Their jobs sent them traveling across the country, sometimes in opposite directions. Even when they were hundreds of miles a part they poured their heart and soul into making their relationship work. Late night Skype chats, long weekend drives, and constantly job searching so they could be closer to each other, Kristin and Brandon have made it work. 

They’ll be married next spring on the outskirts of Chicago where Kristin grew up. Finally, after a seven year marathon, they’ll be husband and wife. We thought it was only appropriate to explore Chicago where their relationship blossomed and in a city that holds their heart. Kristin and Brandon, thank you for braving the early morning, cold, and rain with me! Our few hours spent together makes me so excited to spend your wedding day with you and document once again what an incredible and fun couple you are! Counting down, xx – M

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