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Midwest Autumn Engagement Session // Kayla + Scott

Something about Scott told her that maybe, just maybe, he might be the right match for her sister. Hannah gave Scott her sister’s number and Scott immediately started texting Kayla. Texting led to a blind date, where light conversation turned into hours of deep connection. Much to Kayla’s sisters delight, they decided to pursue their romantic inclination. 

They spent the next four years by each other side- Scott is goofy and nerdy with a childlike wonder of the world and fiercely lives to protect and love Kayla. Kayla is a bit more serious, caring and calm, and only Scott can make her laugh with her whole body. They share the greatest sense of comfortability and love for one another. Much to Kayla’s surprise, Scott proposed on their fourth-year anniversary, a few years earlier than expected, with a ring he designed himself. 

They’ll be married next spring under the soft blooms of the cherry trees and in the midst of the whirlwind of school semester breaks, amongst the family, friends, and proud sister that have watched them share this journey together. Kayla and Scott, it was so incredibly fun spending the evening with you and thank you for dealing with my crazy dog, tall weeds and chilly autumn air! Counting down! xx – M

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