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Downtown Fort Wayne Winter Engagement // Gabby + Tyler

She grew up in the land of princesses and pirates. Her world was full of glitter, color, and magic. Disney movies filled her life, and every night as a little girl, she’d lay in bed and dream of trips to Disney World, where she would meet her prince charming and be swept away to a Happily Ever After. 

Her Prince Charming had a different story picked out. As soon as Gabby’s smile flooded his computer screen, Tyler knew that he had to talk to the smart, quiet, and beautiful princess that stared back at him. As they walked around the mall for hours, talking and laughing, they instantly both knew that their Happily Ever After had just begun. 

They’ll be married this November in a room full of family, friends, and magic. Shortly after, they’ll both be swept off their feet to DisneyWorld to start their own Happily Ever After, hand in hand.

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