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Headwaters Park Engagement // Kristi + Alex

The sun leaked through the windows and the smell of coffee still hung in the air. They were visiting family in Florida, and he had been waiting for the right moment all week. As he sat on the living room couch with the bubbly, brown-eyed girl of his dreams, he knew it was time. 

They had created a beautiful friendship over the years, and an even better love story. The best kind of stories are those where the two people are the best of friends. And Kristi and Alex are just that. They fell in love during Friend’s marathons and competitive video game binges. The little puppy that always sat between them on the couch was their whole world. They had created a magical life together.

He had meticulously created a ring box into an old Nintendo controller and had carried the ring by his side the entire week. He could barely get the words out as Kristi equaled in excitement. They’ll be married this September surrounded by family and friends. As we explored downtown together, I watched their love unfold before my eyes. Kristi lights up Alex’s eyes like no other, and she’ll cry out with a laugh that only Alex can coax from her. They truly are the best of friends, and even better soulmates. 


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