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Michaela + Irwin // Salvage One Engagement Session // Chicago Wedding Photographer

Chicago gifted us with a torrential downpour on the day of this session, so props to Salvage One for coming through and giving us literally the PERFECT indoor location. I love industrial and I love weird shit (like sculpted elephants and robots, both which you’ll see in this session), and I love women that are just extra enough to rock pink metallic star boots to their engagement session. Michaela + Salvage One freakin delivered and Irwin, as much as he claimed he was nervous and uncomfortable in the beginning, rocked the session like total models. They dove head-first into maximum PDA even when there were dozens of people walking around participating in some super odd interactive play (headsets and long stares at us) and a wedding about to start. They are freaking rockstars, boots and all.

Michaela and I met when she was the very first person to swing by my booth at Indie Wed and I knew immediately that I had to attach myself to this girl because she was way cooler than me and that meant her fiance had to be as well (I was right). I pretty much screamed when I drew her name out of the engagement session giveaway, and even though Chicago didn’t provide the snow or original vibes we were wanting, it still delivered romantic rain pattering on the windows of the most unique warehouse in the city.

Michaela bugs Irwin just enough to make him laugh, bring him out of his somewhat serious shell, and then cuddles up against him with the most satisfied hug and sigh. I’m convinced Irwin knows every gear that’s turning in Michaela’s head and instinctively knows just what to say and do to make her burst out laughing or to stop and savor the moment. There’s really something there that’s going to make a lifetime of good memories. Michaela and Irwin, you are my people and I freakin’ love you.Thank you for spending Saturday with me and bringing the best energy (and style) to the table. I can’t wait to see how your personalities and your impeccable taste merge to create the most kickass wedding and life together. All the love – xx, M


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