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Rain on your Wedding Day? We have 5 Fort Wayne Indoor Backups

Midwest is best right? But Midwest, Fort Wayne specifically, is SO temperamental when it comes to weather. I know if you’re local, you feel me. There’s been countless times where it’s been a beautiful, dry, mild September but theĀ oneĀ day it rains happens to be on a Saturday. But folks, we GOTCHU. The perks of hiring a photographer who was born and raised in Fort Wayne? We know aaaallll of the rainy-day backup spots, even though they’re few and far between. Five of our favorites are below!



Med Pro Group
An office building out north off Reed Road that has some white brick awnings that make for great coverage and clean, white lines. The only cons are that there are some puddles here and there and it’s not super ideal for large bridal parties if it’s raining. But we’ve made it work!

Punch Films
Aaaallll the warehouse vibes with clean white walls and tons of space + great light! We do have to reserve a time slot and there is a fee, but it’s not much and it’s worth it! Plan to reserve this spot once you see that the forecast might be spotty, it will be difficult to reserve the day of the wedding!


Botanical Conservatory
A Fort Wayne classic for bad weather, but it’s a solid choice! Tons of greenery and a warm atmosphere, plus you only have to pay $5 a person! The con? Sometimes you have to work around crowds and it’s not necessarily the most private place.

Embassy Theatre
If they’re not renting out the space for a concert or a wedding, you can rent this space for about $150 an hour. This is another space that needs to be reserved in advance, but it’s gorgeous and has amazing architecture.

Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Super random right? But there’s GORGEOUS landscaping, amazing mid-century architecture, and several awnings to shoot or take cover under while we brave the rain one group at a time. It’s also usually deserted on the weekends!

P.S. ALL photos were taking on days that had the WORST weather – rain, winds, the works. Can you tell? Nope! This is why you hire the pros and why you have amazing plan B backups in place! And remember, rain on your wedding day is good luck!


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