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Surine + Alex // Indiana University Bloomington Engagement Session // Bloomington Wedding Photographer

These two freakin’ crazy people. They flew halfway across the world from Hong Kong to re-visit the place where they first met. Days of travel and thousands of miles just to see the campus where they first fell in love. I call them crazy, and you might too, but they’ve always been this way. If you had anywhere in the world to choose to go to university, it probably wouldn’t be Indiana. Especially if you had lived in multiple cities and countries before that. But both Surine and Alex were crazy enough to make the decision to attend IU almost a decade ago. And even though the campus was full of almost 50,000 people, Alex and Surine stood out to each other. It was on campus that they had their first date, their first kiss, and the first few years of their relationship. Surine was a freshman and Alex was a sophomore when they first started walking the grounds hand in hand. They spend the years studying in the library and practically living in the business school as they both completed their finance degrees. They graduated, moved to Hong Kong, and started their lives together.

They’ll travel to Bali this winter to say their vows and spend days hiking through the rainforests, beaches, and cliffs with their closest friends and family. The party won’t end there though – as another celebration will be waiting for them when they return to Hong Kong. I’m so freaking grateful these two found me in this tiny little Midwest state, and getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on the way to their session was completely worth it. I’m a little sad that I won’t be in Bali documenting their wedding, cause it’s bound to be completely epic. But man, I’m so glad I got to spend the time with them at IU and see how their lives unfolded. Surine and Alex,  for finding me, dealing with crazy schedule changes, and being up for all the adventures. All the love – xx, M


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