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Midwest Autumn Engagement Session featuring Proposal Puppy // Jenni + Kurt

It started out as a casual swipe right on her phone, something she barely thought anything of at the time. It wasn’t until they decided to meet up at the zoo to get to know each other that Jenni realized there was something different about this man she met on a dating app. His charm, humor, candor, and determination had her wishing the day would never end, and he felt the same way. They turned what was supposed to be a short date to the zoo turned into what Jenni still coins as “the best date day ever.” As laughter and endless banter rang through the trees of the rainforest, they planned a trip for mini golf immediately after their walk through the zoo ended. Mini golf turned into dinner, which turned to dessert. And as sun finally set and their first day in each other’s lives came to the end, they both knew- this was different. Immediately the next morning, Jenni called her Mom up and told her all about the man she swore she would someday marry. 

Flash forward to a home and a life built around each other. Jenni and Kurt have turned into each others cheerleaders, motivators, and best friends. There was just two things missing – a diamond and a puppy. One early evening, Kurt showed up with both in hand and a question that Jenni had been waiting to hear since that first date in the zoo.  

We thought it was only appropriate that Lylah joined us on the adventure to celebrate Jenni and Kurt’s engagement, and oh my gosh my heart almost died. Jenni and Kurt, thank you for letting me swoon all over your adorable Australian Shepherd all evening and exploring downtown with me! Counting down until next year when I can see all your precious faces again! xx- M

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