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Olivia + Tyler // Sycamore at Mallow Run Winery Wedding // Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

“He vowed to make her paper rings until his hands were too old to tie the knots”, was in-scripted on a sign that set on the fireplace at the Sycamore at Mallow Run Winery. In the bridal suite, Olivia sat with a diamond on one hand and a paper ring on the other- recounting the story of the paper rings to her bridesmaids. Since day one, when Olivia and Tyler stumbled back into each other’s lives after years apart, Tyler had slipped a straw wrapper under the table and silently made her a paper ring. Every date, every fast-food trip, every Starbucks run since, Tyler never failed to fashion one when Olivia wasn’t looking. The paper rings scattered her car, her coat pockets, her purse, her bedroom. They never failed to put a smile on her face and remind her that against all odds, she was about to marry the secret crush of her middle school self – the boy who sat beside her on the bus, the boy who patiently trained her as a lifeguard that one summer, the boy who befriended her after years a part when her life was at the lowest of lows as he too, admitted his life was not in the brightest spot either. 

“We fought tooth and nail to get where we are today,” she proudly stated as they stood back to back on the edge of the woods on their wedding day, privately saying their vows before recanting them once again in front of all their family and friends. Their family and friends witnessed as Tyler fashioned a paper ring under the altar and slipped it once again on Olivia’s finger. Tears streamed down their loved ones cheeks as  Tyler and Olivia reminisced about the dance parties before work, naming the neighborhood squirrels, how they bring out the wonder in each other, and how they stand and support each other no matter what. The whole day was filled with pure magic, childlike innocence, and so so many happy tears. From the grandpas watch, to the paper ring, to the handwritten vows, to the constellation of their wedding day, to all of the moments Olivia’s mother touched, to the light rain as friends danced under market lights and to the screaming laughter as their groomsmen raced down the field in gunny sacks, Olivia and Tyler soaked up every moment in only a way two people hopelessly in love and ridiculously happy could. To say it was beyond perfect was an understatement. To say they are completely meant for each other doesn’t even begin to describe the connection these two have. 

Olivia and Tyler, I don’t want this to end. I can hardly believe it’s over and I don’t want to close this blog because I know it’s part of the final chapter. I love you two so freaking much and I’m so beyond privileged to have you in my corner. It’s been an honor – you have no idea. More dancing in the woods soon, we must. xx – M & M

HAIR & MAKE UP: Blush Salon

WEDDING DRESS: Sophia’s Bridal



CATERING: Barbecue and Bourbon & Mary East

CAKE: Classic Cakes

DJ: JC audio

Videographer: Toast Wedding Films

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