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He was stubborn, blunt, and a little rough around the edges while she was sweet, a little quiet, and laid-back. They were just coworkers that happened to share the same shift. Never in a million years, Kaitlynn thought, would this man ever be more than a friendly colleague. Time passed, more shifts were shared, and […]

May 27, 2018

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It was a cozy little town-home tucked around the corner from a park and nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, surrounded by mountains, breweries, and the friends and family that cheered Brenna and Michael on as they searched for their perfect little home. After almost a year of searching, they were finally handed the […]

May 23, 2018

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They fell in love amongst the colorful streets of Cartegena, Columbia. They were both studying abroad and caught each others eye one day in the middle of class. You could almost say it was love at first sight- something about the romance of the foreign city, the gorgeous sunsets on the beach, the brightly colored Columbian buildings and ability to explore and adventure together made Kathleen and Santiago’s fall into a fast friendship, then into love, then into a proposal. 

It was only fitting that Kathleen and Santiago’s wedding represented the roots of their relationship. Kathleen and Santiago dropped little hints of Columbia, their love for Latin-American culture, and their love of travel into their day. But most importantly, their day represented them in the most pure and honest way. They weren’t overwhelmed by tradition or fuss. They simply focused on their relationship and the family and friends that had supported them through the journey of being together. 

Kathleen and Santiago, witnessing your pure and simple love was such a privilege. I can’t wait to see where your wanderlusting hearts take you in life and the journeys you will go on. Eat your hearts out on that delicious Puerto Rican food for me – xx, M

June 9, 2017

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Elise described their relationship, finding each other, and knowing each other as soulmates to be incredibly calming. No anxiety, no agitation. And from the moment she first saw Ryan, this is how she would describe their relationship. She has never questioned that he was the person she wanted to spend her life with, and was more sure of it everyday. 

During their vows, Ryan looked at her with the softest gaze and told her that this was just another day. Another day that he got to hold her in her arms, another day he got to see her smile, and another day he got to share his life with her. And while their wedding day was special because of the significance it held, today was the same as every other day because it was one more day that he got to love her with all of his heart and soul. 

Everyone you asked on that day said the same thing: Ryan and Elise had a heart for others. They poured themselves selflessly into their work, friendships, family, and their own relationship. Even on their wedding day, it was about the people that surrounded them – from the love notes they wrote eachother that were read mid-ceremony, to sitting with their parents and grandparents at the head table, toasting the night away, they focused on being together and in the midst of the closest family and friends one could have. 

Elise and Ryan, I could not be more grateful for the privilege of documenting your day, and more importantly, witnessing the incredible bond that you two have. I can’t wait to see where life takes you, and enjoy that tropical sun for me! xx – M & M

May 9, 2017

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