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Never ever, in my life, will I ever do Karaoke. It sounds like the most terrifying thing but Taylor has guts, especially when the liquid courage hits. That’s how Brad and her met and it’s the most hilarious and cutest thing I’ve ever heard. The Green Frog in Fort Wayne holds the promise of fatefully […]

October 15, 2018

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bride and groom laughing at sunset at metea county park fall wedding

They had come a long way since that first high-school Spanish class. The breeze floated through Metea County Park as the eucalyptus was pinned to the arch and the groomsmen set up the final few ceremony chairs while the bridesmaids reminisced on the journey that Kyrie and Tyler had made throughout the years. From high-school […]

September 17, 2018

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He knew that she was the one from the moment they started sharing shifts at work. The way her eyes lit up when she smiled and her outgoing personality paired perfectly with his more introverted self. But what captivated him more than anything was how big her heart was. She deeply cared for the people […]

July 9, 2018

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Rain slowly pattered outside of the Shoaff Park pavilion as Brad watched the girl who stole his heart all those years ago walk down the aisle towards him. Ever since first glance, he knew she was the one. And while Alyssa took a bit to come around, as she stood praying with her bridesmaids before […]

June 26, 2018

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