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Sunshine streamed through the windows of Coppes Commons as Ariel floated through the reception hall, finishing up last minute details and arranging the peonies perfectly on the crisp white cake that had just been delivered. Ever since she had met Derrick underneath the football stadium lights in high school, a part of her had envisioned […]

June 11, 2018

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It was under the willow tree at Goeglein’s Homestead where they stood and reflected on the day so far. The day that all of their family and friends so desperately yearned for for so many years. The day that they had tirelessly worked for since the start of their relationship. The day that was finally […]

May 18, 2018

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Maybe it’s the fact that they were both music majors and naturally live in a certain rhythm. Or maybe its the fact that they started out as friends and they learned and grew with each other to reach synonymous movement as a couple. Whatever it is, Kassie and Kris are perfectly in tune with one another and their wedding day represented their one-ness most of all. When Kris reached down to fix his tie, Kassie’s hand was already there. When Kassie started to walk, Kris was already lifting the hem of her dress. He knew just the things to whisper in her ear to ease the tension of the wedding day and make her laugh, and she knew just the songs to drag him onto the dance floor to party too. 

From tacos on the plates of their guests to tacos on the socks of the groom, Kassie and Kris strived to make their wedding day uniquely them. Notes of lavender from the flower crowns and boutonnieres wafted through the air the entire day. Disney and Broadway echoed from the limo and the dance floor. Every little detail was carefully thought out to represent their relationship in the most perfect of ways, and even during the busiest times of the day, they only thought of each other.

Kassie and Kris, documenting your day was the greatest privilege and I still get goosebumps thinking of you two beautiful souls and the love you share. I hope you’re recovering from your greatest day with lots of Pina Coladas on that beach of yours 😉  All the love – M&M

DRESS: One Fine Day – Hailey Paige
HAIR: The Beehive Salon and Blow Dry Bar – Christie Brenn
FLOWERS: Be Married Events
VENUE & CATERING: Goegleins Homestead

July 18, 2017

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It was the day that they had waited for for years. The day that Kalie didn’t even imagine happening when she first whispered to her friend that the boy was cute and hoped that her friend would keep the secret. The day that Kalie didn’t see coming, even when her friend spilled the beans to the cute boy and they started talking. But as conversations grew into dates and dates grew into a serious relationship, that “day” became more real in the back of Kalie’s mind. 

Years passed and just as her family and best friends witnessed the gorgeous beach proposal a year earlier, they stood and witnessed Kalie walk down the aisle with a look of pure joy as she met Lance at the altar.  After almost five years of being by each others side, they celebrated their everlasting promise by celebrating with the best friends and family the world could provide. 

Kalie + Lance, celebrating with you on your greatest day was such an honor and beyond fun. Your family and friends welcomed us like long-time friends and we could not be more grateful. You two are the brightest souls. Thank you so much and have fun at Hogwarts this week! You could not have picked a more magical soulmate or honeymoon. xx- M+M

June 18, 2017

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